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Projection Mapping



The Goat or, Who is Sylvia? centers around Martin, a middle-aged architect at the peak of his fame, whose life is thrown into complete turmoil when he reveals to his best friend that he has fallen in love, spiritually and physically, with a goat named Sylvia.

The play is about love, and loss, the limits of our tolerance, and who, indeed, we really are.

Due to the special nature of the show, designing it was an enjoyable journey that allowed me to try and explore new approaches. For a show that was designed for class one, I sure learned a lot from working on it.



In a collaboration between the Dance and the Media Arts Design departments at Cypress College, this performance was designed to put each department's experience to the best use. But due to the outbreak of Covid-19 the project was never finished Also worth noting that the dancers were planned to be wearing full white bodysuits with the projections being projected on them as they perform and this was the test footage.  As a part of the MAD team, I got to work on this project designing two scenes of this show.

00:16 - 22 Particles around the left dancer

01:14 - 20 Rotoscoping both dancers



The goal of these projects was to practice mapping different surfaces with different angles and textures.

Tetris Wall Sculp.,Cypress College

A multiple angled geometric sculpture designed to allow students to sharpen their mapping skills and use it to color their environment.


Kings Cross Station - London-

Dividing the building front with high accuracy into different display surfaces, incorporated
with the right effects and sound design, this mapped building will be able to tell amazing stories.

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