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*All content used in creating the following samples was made in an Educational environment and is not meant for publishing or profiting.


Starting a project from scratch, setting up the recording session, to delivering the final product is always an interesting adventure, each time there is a different story to be told. Which allows me to use of the wide array of techniques I learned over time. I also enjoy the challenge of cleaning up recorded audio using different software and spectrum analysis 


Sound designing for different projects whether for film, short movies or for advertisements, brings its own set of challenges. That's where I find my enjoyment, trying different approaches and techniques to match the needs of each scene being designed while drawing the general audible atmosphere of the environment, focusing on the simplest and smallest details of each layer of the design.


Sound designing for live performances gives the designer more control over the experience of the audience starting with the placement of the speakers to how sound is panned and which effects are used. A key component to ensure the quality and the consistency of the design is having an organized cue sheet and clear instructions for board operators to follow.

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